ESS and Literate Statistical Practice

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Thu Aug 16 14:34:21 CEST 2001

I've got a few examples that I'll send.  Basically, write files in
Noweb, with *.nw.  I think you need to uncomment the 
(require 'ess-noweb) line in ess-site.el so that it will put you in
the right mode.

I'll write more when I wake up.

>>>>> "MN" == Matthew Nelson <mnelson at> writes:

    MN> ESS users, I've reached a point of frustration (again) with my
    MN> current methods of documenting and reporting on my statistical
    MN> investigations which are often exploratory in nature and
    MN> include a fair amount of output and copious use of graphics.
    MN> In my most recent search for examples of alternative (and
    MN> hopefully better) methods, I came across Tony Rossini's paper
    MN> in the DSC2001 proceedings on Literate Statistical Practice.
    MN> Having previous exposure to literate programming, I am
    MN> interested in exploring this as an option.

    MN> The change logs for ESS indicate that some functionality for
    MN> this has been incorporated.  Unfortunately, I was not able to
    MN> find more than a couple of trivial examples on the S/R mailing
    MN> lists.  Has anyone documented how LSP might be accomplished
    MN> with ESS?  If not, is anyone willing to share examples with a
    MN> few pointers for application?  Other suggested methods and
    MN> pointers to class notes or publications would also be
    MN> appreciated.

    MN> I work in R with ESS under Linux, and am familiar with most
    MN> tools that would be used.

    MN> Best Regards, Matt

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