ESS and Literate Statistical Practice

Matthew Nelson mnelson at
Thu Aug 16 14:06:55 CEST 2001

ESS users,

I've reached a point of frustration (again) with my current methods of
documenting and reporting on my statistical investigations which are often
exploratory in nature and include a fair amount of output and copious use of
graphics.  In my most recent search for examples of alternative (and
hopefully better) methods, I came across Tony Rossini's paper in the DSC2001
proceedings on Literate Statistical Practice.  Having previous exposure to
literate programming, I am interested in exploring this as an option.  

The change logs for ESS indicate that some functionality for this has been
incorporated.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find more than a couple of
trivial examples on the S/R mailing lists.  Has anyone documented how LSP
might be accomplished with ESS?  If not, is anyone willing to share examples
with a few pointers for application?  Other suggested methods and pointers
to class notes or publications would also be appreciated. 

I work in R with ESS under Linux, and am familiar with most tools that would
be used.

Best Regards,

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