sequencep problem

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Thu Sep 14 18:58:52 CEST 2000

>>>>> "WDM" == William D McCoy <wdmccoy at> writes:

    WDM> I am installing ESS 5.1.16 and XEmacs to 21.2 on LinuxPPC.

21.2?  That's the current development branch of XEmacs...

    WDM> When I try to start R in XEmacs, it fails to start and I get
    WDM> the following message:

    WDM> Wrong type argument: sequencep, 1

Based on the backtrace, the problem is that concat appears to need a
string, not a number.  Can you verify that in ess-inf.el, you've got
this version of ess-proc-name?

(defun ess-proc-name (n name)
  "Return name of process N, as a string, with NAME prepended."
  (if ess-plain-first-buffername
      (if (> n 1)
	  (concat name ":" (number-to-string n))
	(concat name))
    (concat name ":" n)))

Also, which distribution are you installing, and if so, are you
installing ESS locally?  (which might not have the fix?).  Try:
        M-x find-function ess-proc-name
to determine if there is another copy around.


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