Can I remove old Emacsen support?

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Mon Jun 5 23:09:59 CEST 2000

Can I?  Please?

(I'm referring to support for:
        Emacs 19.x
        XEmacs 19.x 
        Emacs 20.x, x<=2
        XEmacs 20.x  
though the latter two probably won't break, but you never know...).

The new issue is "customize" -- I can sort of work around it, but not
well...  (I've got a "working" version in the cvs repository...).

Seriously, is anyone using ESS with old Emacsen (old = Emacs strictly
older than 20.3, XEmacs strictly older than 20.4)?

There is another problem, and that is with my abililty to debug such
code -- I've got access to:
        Emacs 19.34
        Emacs 20.6
        XEmacs 21.1.10
(XEmacs 20.4 stopped working on my Debian Linux machines at some point
before my upgrade to "woody")

so I'll need other people to help debug code on anything else but
those (however, Emacs 20.x, x=0,1,2; is known to be broken in a number
of respects -- I don't know about x=3 and higher...).


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