Installation problems

Georgina.Bermann at Georgina.Bermann at
Tue Jul 11 09:52:23 CEST 2000

 am trying to install ess 5.1.15 for my computer which runs under NT (in a
network).  I use XEmacs 21.1, but I have no C compiler to run make. I tried
compiling the *.el files but the lisp compiler returns the following message
for some of them, for instance ess-site.el:
Compiling file c:\Program Files\XEmacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\ess\ess-site.el
at Fri Jul 07 12:36:15 2000
  ** assignment to free variable inferior-OMG-program-name
  ** assignment to free variable inferior-ess-ddeclient
  ** assignment to free variable inferior-ess-client-name
  ** assignment to free variable inferior-ess-client-command
  !! Symbol's function definition is void ((w32-shell-dos-semantics))

Is there a way of getting around using ess-site.el?  Are there ways of
choosing different levels of functionality?  which files are essential, and
which are not?  I see no references for installation without make

I hope there is somebody who can give me advice.
Georgina Bermann

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