SAS process under Windows NT

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Feb 25 19:44:33 CET 2000

Editing .sas files in ESS under NTemacs works very well.  Improvements in
fontification are scheduled in ESS 5.1.12 any day now.

Running SAS as an inferior process inside NTemacs is not possible.
SAS has not made the standard input/output option available on the PC.
This is the option we use when running SAS on a unix machine.
Nor does SAS on the PC have a ddeserver capability, which is how we
run S-Plus through ESS on the PC.

There are two options on the PC.  One is to do the editing of the .sas file
in an emacs buffer and then pick up some lines with the mouse and manually
drop them into the SAS window.  The other is to run a batch SAS job with 
the .sas file.  There are several options for semi-automating the batch
facility.  One is included in essd-sas.el and is autmoaticalluy loaded when
ESS is loaded.  The other is a newer set of functions that are available in
essa-sas.el beginning with ESS 5.1.11.  essa-sas.el must be explicitly
loaded by the user.  We plan to have these functions fully integrated soon.

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