Use ESS with S-PLUS 2000 on Win'98

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Mon Feb 14 15:26:26 CET 2000

ESS works quite well with S-Plus 2000.

A new section on S-Plus 2000 was added to README.SPLUS4WIN in ESS
5.1.11.  There are two issues addressed there that may be affecting
your use of Sqpe+4.  One is license manager setup, the other choice of

1. License Manager

  Found the solution to getting Sqpe-mode to work with the license manager - I
  set S_ELMHOST in Emacs with (setenv "S_ELMHOST" ""), instead of
  trying to make it a command-line argument.

Therefore, add the following line to your .emacs:
(setenv "S_ELMHOST" "")

2. Shell

The second difficulty you are seeing is from using the msdos shell.
When something goes wrong when the msdos shell is in use inside emacs
it becomes impossible to shut the computer down cleanly.  This is why
we give the warning about exiting.

I hope setting the license manager is what went wrong for you, and
that setting it correctly will make things go well.

It is also possible that the shell is interfering with your use of M-x
S+4-msdos.  Do you have the same difficulty with M-x S+4?
Use of M-x S+4 requires the installation of bash from cygwin:
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