Possible fixes for a couple of things

Brett Presnell presnell at stat.ufl.edu
Sat Feb 5 23:19:58 CET 2000

I decided to follow Mary Lindstrom's lead and start hacking a little
on the source code to try to make it behave more the way I would like
it to.  Anyway, I hit on the idea of fixing the dump-filename problem
by defining another variable, ess-dump-filename-prefix.  This is
basically a hack and probably cannot be viewed as an acceptable
long-term solution, but until the customize issues are worked out it
does at least seem to work without losing any functionality or
changing the present default behavior.

All that is needed is a simple one or two line change in the files


and only a bit more in ess-vars.el.  The diffs are attached below in
case anyone is interested (working from ESS 5.1.11).  Now putting

(setq ess-dump-filename-prefix "")

and following Tony's earlier suggestion

(setq ess-source-directory
		      (lambda () (file-name-as-directory
				   (concat (if (string= ess-dialect "R")
					     (car ess-search-list))
					   "/" ess-suffix "-src")))))

in my .emacs gives me the behavior that I want (at least in R and S).
Without these lines, the default behavior of ESS is unchanged.

However, might a better solution might be to simply change the default
dump directory to /tmp/(user-login-name)/ and not bother with trying
to "uniqueify" the file name itself.  Then one could fix the filename
problem as Mary did, just by removing the username prefixing
everywhere.  Has this idea already been discussed and discarded for
some reason?

I would have to know a lot more than I do about ESS to determine what
is causing the echoing of completions in the inferior-S buffer problem
the first time any of C-cC-x or C-cC-v or C-cC-d is used with Splus
5.x in a session.  After the first time this does not occur any
longer, although the prompt in the inferior S buffer is still
"incremented" (without a return) to "> > ".

Note also that there is not default function template for R.  Was this

Brett Presnell
Department of Statistics
University of Florida
(presnell at stat.ufl.edu)

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