still cant start ESS process with ESS-SAS

Christopher Fonnesbeck chrisf at
Fri Dec 15 21:50:46 CET 2000

Thanks for the help.  SAS is on my path, becasue I can launch it from any 
terminal in any directory.  BTW, I neither have a .sas or .emacs in my 
directory.  ESS seems to load fine, just getting a process going seems to be 
a problem.


On December 15, 2000 02:53 pm, Rich Heiberger wrote:
> The most obvious question is "Is sas in your path?"  Two ways to put it
> there:
> a. add it your .login
> b. change it in your .emacs
> (setq-default inferior-SAS-program-name "/my/path/to/sas")
> Read again the doc/README.SAS in ESS-5.1.18 (not an earlier version of
> ESS).
> While you are working with doing it completely through ESS (clearly the
> best), you can still edit your .sas files in emacs and then pick them up
> with the mouse and drop them into the SAS editor window.  There actually is
> an advantage to that since it means you have access to the graphics windows
> and other interactive SAS capabilities.
> if you still have trouble, I guess you will need to send your $PATH
> environment variable along with the *SAS* buffer and ALL the information
> that shows up when you do M-x ess-submit-bug-report
> Rich

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