still cant start ESS process with ESS-SAS

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Dec 15 20:53:58 CET 2000

The most obvious question is "Is sas in your path?"  Two ways to put it
a. add it your .login
b. change it in your .emacs
(setq-default inferior-SAS-program-name "/my/path/to/sas")

Read again the doc/README.SAS in ESS-5.1.18 (not an earlier version of ESS).

While you are working with doing it completely through ESS (clearly the best),
you can still edit your .sas files in emacs and then pick them up with the
mouse and drop them into the SAS editor window.  There actually is an advantage
to that since it means you have access to the graphics windows and other
interactive SAS capabilities.

if you still have trouble, I guess you will need to send your $PATH environment
variable along with the *SAS* buffer and ALL the information that shows up
when you do M-x ess-submit-bug-report

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