Getting to run ESS on WinNT: Graphics windows?

Kaspar Pflugshaupt pflugshaupt at
Wed Dec 13 12:53:22 CET 2000

Hello, I'm back...

After having switched from XEmacs to NTEmacs (starts up more quickly), I
installed ESS and got it to run allright. Thanks again for the help I
received on this list!

Now, there's another problem:
When I generate a graphics window (by entering x11() or just any plotting
command), the plot gets drawn o.k. But then, the graphics window somehow
freezes: Redraw stops and it can't be moved any longer. Most of the time, I
can kill it from ESS with, but sometimes the Emacs process seems
to freeze, too, and has to be shut down via the process manager.

Does anybody have a clue? I found nothing in the ESS docs. If the the
ess-help list is archived somewhere, I'll gladly search for past threads on
this, but I did not find any such facility.

My setup: Win NT 4.0 (SP 6); R 1.11; NTEmacs 20.7; ESS 5.1.9

Cheers & thanks for every hint

Kaspar Pflugshaupt


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