Configuration of S-equal

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Dec 6 20:28:26 CET 2000

Well, the fix is longer than I thought.  This works for me.

in ess-site.el, find the line
(require 'essd-sas)

Immediately after it place the following 7 lines
(save-excursion                         ; workaround
  (get-buffer-create "")         ; workaround
  (set-buffer "")                ; workaround
  (sas-mode)                            ; workaround
  (define-key sas-mode-local-map "_" nil) ; workaround
  (kill-buffer "")               ; workaround
)					; workaround

It seems the sas-mode-local-map doesn't get created until after
a sas buffer has been created.  This revised fix creates a fake sas
buffer, makes the correction, and then kills the fake buffer.

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