Configuration of S-equal

Georgina.Bermann at Georgina.Bermann at
Wed Dec 6 13:09:10 CET 2000

Mmm... I put it in the ess-site.el file where there are commented lines that
can be used to customize sas-mode, and it doesn't like your syntax.  The
description from the backtrace (XEmacs 21.2.36 beta) is
Signaling: (wrong-type-argument keymapp nil)
  define-key(nil "_" nil)
  load-internal("~/Program Files/XEmacs/ess-5.1.18/lisp/ess-site.el" nil t
nil undecided)
  load("~/Program Files/XEmacs/ess-5.1.18/lisp/ess-site.el" nil t nil)
  require(ess-site "~/Program Files/XEmacs/ess-5.1.18/lisp/ess-site.el")
  load-internal("c:\\.xemacs\\init.el" t t t undecided)
  load("c:\\.xemacs\\init.el" t t t)

Suggestions on what to do?


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we apologize for that change.  It was intended for just S language
but inadvertently spilled over to SAS.  The next release will fix it.

meanwhile, a very simple change is needed.

The short range fix is to undefine it on sas-mode-local-map
  (define-key sas-mode-local-map "_" nil)
probably in ess-site.el right after the
  (require 'essd-sas)

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