SAS-output buffers

Thomas Gerds gerds at
Wed Aug 2 16:31:30 CEST 2000


my question was somehow ill-posed:
i dont want to run more than one SAS-process at the same time!

i use the (interactive) ess-environment for SAS (which works
very fast and is really comfortably) as follows:

(erase-sas-log-and-lst-buffers) ;usually i do not need the results
				;of former evaluations anylonger:
				;e.g. if these were wrong or have been saved
				;elsewhere (e.g. as mysas.lst)

i ask for a 'robust' ess-function that does the same as
the command 'clear text' for SAS-log and
SAS-lst windows under the conventional interactive SAS interface.

it would for instance be nice to have global variables as

'ess-sas-lst-bufname' and 'ess-sas-log-bufname'

(that are e.g. defined locally in the function 'ess-SAS-pre-run-hook')
that are connected to the currently running SAS-process.

also i would welcome customization-hooks for

SAS-mode (e.g. to set local-key-bindings)
SAS-log-mode (e.g. to add font-lock highlight keywords as 'error:')
SAS-lst-mode (e.g. to add special print-switches)

to be independent of ess-versions :)

thanks again for comments


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