[R-SIG-Finance] Slots as @title and @documentation in S-Plus

Wind windspeedo at qq.com
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So R has two kinds of easy methods tag any variable: comment and attr.
I like both of them.
What a great R.

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Also see ?comment

> vMatrix <- matrix(1:10, ncol=2)
> comment(vMatrix) <- "The first time and so on."
> comment(vMatrix)
[1] "The first time and so on."


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You may use attributes, e.g.

attr(vMatrix,"title") <- "The first time and so on."

(see ?attr for details, especially for the list of "reserved" attribute names).


Wind wrote:
> In S-Plus, data frames have slots as @title and @documentation.  It seems that R is different.
> After the following code:
> vMatrix<-sqlQuery(sqlMatrix,sqlStr1)
> If I want to add some memo to vMatrix,it would be vMatrix at title="The first time and so on." in S-Plus.
> But in R, data frame has no slots.
> According to help and documentations, it seems that S4 class has slot. But data frame is not S4.   The S4/S3 confused me since I am new to R.
> I wonder whether thers's easy way to attach some memo to a data frame, as in S-Plus.
> Thanks.
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