[Rd] [Wishlist] a 'PackageDevelopment' Task View

Luca Braglia lbraglia at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 14:05:45 CEST 2014

Hello everybody,

as a young/unexperienced R package developer (only a few, mainly
for personal use) i was thinking it could be very useful having a
"meta" task view for all package-development related
packages and/or function.

Something like ...

- utils::package.skeleton, pkgKitten, Rcpp::Rcpp.package.skeleton

Foreign languages interfaces:
- Rcpp

- roxygen2

- utils::Rprof
- profr
- proftools

Unit test
- RUnit
- testthat

Spell checking
- tools::aspell_package_* functions

- devtools

and so on.

These are only the ones i (use or know) & (remember), but for
sure there is already a lot of useful code in this area and
having a summary (by more experienced developers) of which good
tools are available would be *very* useful, IMHO.

How about it?

Thanks, Luca

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