[ESS] ESS confused about newest R

Shreyas Ragavan @hrey@@ @end|ng |rom |@@tm@||@com
Wed Jun 29 15:57:27 CEST 2022

I wanted to add a suggestion here that when or if you add multiple R versions from non-standard paths to your PATH environment variable in Windows (to enable Emacs or any program to find the R executable) - it is important to make sure the desired version of R is the First path. Programs will stop looking for the executable once it is found, and if an earlier R version is found before the desired version - that is what would start up. 

> Your (from description) Windows system appears confused about where to find
> R, and doubly so as a 32/64 bit convention is dead, and there is only 64bit.
> On operating systems that use $PATH you can _always_ just point to a working
> R by pointing RHOME/bin so that the right R is found. It has been years since
> I worked on Windows but it got the R I wanted when I told ESS in no uncertain
> terms which one I wanted. It seems to me you would be well advised to try the
> same if you have confusing choice of multiple R versions to confuse ESS with.

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