[ESS] view documentation while developing a package

Tyler Smith ty|er @end|ng |rom p|@nt@rum@c@
Tue Feb 8 02:28:31 CET 2022


I am working on a package using devtools. I recall in the past that when I loaded a package via `devtools::load_all` (or now via `C-c C-w l`), I could preview the documentation as if it was a normally installed package. i.e, `C-c C-v`, or ?functionname would bring up a regular help window.

However, this hasn't worked for me for a while, and now I wonder if it ever did?

For example, if I open an R process in the root directory of a package, and load the package via load_all(), pressing `C-c C-v` shows me a completion list for R help pages, including the help pages in the package from the current directory. But if I select one of those help files, I get the message 'can't find the documentation for <function>'. I can still open help files for other packages.

Should this work? If it should, what do I need to do to configure it?

I've tried using the functions from `ess-r-package-mode` as well as running the related commands (load_all, document) directly from the R command line in ESS. Neither works for me.


Emacs 29.0.50
ESS 18.10.3 (from melpa)
R 4.1.2 (Ubuntu)


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