[ESS] how to connect to ODBC Driver 17

Stephen Bond @tephen@cbond @end|ng |rom y@hoo@com
Mon Oct 18 16:46:00 CEST 2021


This is happening on Windows 10 GUI. I need to connect via ODBC Driver
17 and the connection is set as ActiveDirectoryInteractive. I have the
DSN set up.
Connecting from Rgui is easy as both odbcConnect and odbcDriverConnect
open a window for the user to enter the password. 
Under Rterm the DSN based connection does not work, but the driver
connection works and it opens the login window. The help file makes a
note that the driver needs to be declared for Rterm to work.

Under ESS nothing works as the login window never pops up. The dash
keeps spinning in the status bar as the process tries something, but
the login window never pops up. Entering the password in the conn
string gives an error saying that login is interactive and password
cannot be supplied.
is there some setting in ESS to allow the opening of that login window?

Thanks everybody.

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