[ESS] Advice on setting up ESS to edit and knit Rmarkdown files

Tyler Smith ty|er @end|ng |rom p|@nt@rum@c@
Mon Oct 4 02:24:27 CEST 2021

Chris Evans <chrishold using psyctc.org> writes:

> Just one thing that may chime with the ongoing discussion that 
> my post seems to have 
> seeded: I wouldn't know how to handle "You'll need new versions 
> of poly-R (updated 29
> September 2021) and markdown-mode (updated 6 January 2021)" and 
> I never got my head 
> around what melpa is.  

The end of that section includes the line:

"As in previous tutorials, we can install all three of these 
packages from [MELPA](https://melpa.org/#/)."

The previous tutorial is available on my blog:


And on youtube:


I've updated the post to point directly to these locations. You'll 
find explicit instructions on how to install packages from Melpa 
at either location.



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