[ESS] Advice on setting up ESS to edit and knit Rmarkdown files

Tyler Smith ty|er @end|ng |rom p|@nt@rum@c@
Fri Oct 1 16:40:50 CEST 2021

Hello Chris,

Here is the Rmd tutorial I've been working on: 

I've just updated it to incorporate some simplifications in 
configuration that I've been working on with the Polymode 
developer Vitalie Spinu. You'll need new versions of poly-R 
(updated 29 September 2021) and markdown-mode (updated 6 January 
2021) to use this as-is. With those completed, there's no further 
reason to procrastinate on turning this into a video, so I guess 
that's coming soon now too!



Chris Evans via ESS-help <ess-help using r-project.org> writes:

> I am having problems with long Rmd files (and large data, long 
> processing times) in Rstudio. (Sorry, yes, I use Emacs for 
> things and 
> ESS when I'm working with R (but rarely Rmd files) on a server, 
> but I use Rstudio routinely "at home".) This has made me decide 
> it's 
> http://johnstantongeddes.org/open%20science/2014/03/26/Rmd-polymode.html 
> looked pretty straightforward but I thought I should ask here if 
> any changes since 2014 might make that too historical, perhaps 
> not
> as I couldn't find much that was recent on the topic of ESS and 
> Rmd.  However, before I mess with an Emacs/ESS that works just 
> fine
> currently, I thought I'd ask here.
> I'm running on Ubuntu 20.04 "at home" and Debian (4.19.152-1 
> (2020-10-18) in case it matters) on the server (and might as 
> well 
> set things up on both if it's easy).
> Any advice will be gratefully received (and, who knows, might 
> even tempt me back to Emacs/ESS for much more of what I'm 
> doing!)
> TIA,
> Chris

Tyler Smith

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