[ESS] problem with emacsclient

William McCoy wdmccoy @end|ng |rom geo@um@@@@edu
Thu Jun 4 02:34:28 CEST 2020

On 6/2/20 8:45 PM, William McCoy via ESS-help wrote:
> On 6/2/20 2:13 PM, William McCoy via ESS-help wrote:
>> I have another problem with my ESS configuration (ESS version 
>> 18.10.3snapshot).  My editor in R is set as 'emacsclient':
>> !> options("editor")
>>  $editor
>>  [1] "emacsclient"
>> However, when I execute help() or use C-c C-v, I get a new buffer 
>> with the following message:
>> + emacsclient: file name or argument required
>> Try 'emacsclient --help' for more information
>> I do have the doc files installed and help() works fine when running 
>> R in a plain terminal.
>> Can someone point out what seems to be wrong with my configuration?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Bill
> I should add that I have these options set in my R session.
>  > options()$help.pager
>  [1] "emacsclient"
>  > options()$editor
>  [1] "emacsclient"
>  > options()$pager
>  [1] "emacsclient"
> And I have (server-start) at the end of my init.el file.
> The page(), fix(), and edit() functions do work properly, but I still 
> get the message listed in my original message when I use help(), ?, or 
> C-c C-v.
> Thanks for any advice you might have to help fix this problem.
> Bill

Ok, I figured out the problem.  I had been looking for some sort of 
conflict in my init.el file that could be causing the problem -- 
forgetting that I also had an emacs-custom.el file where I had done a 
couple of ESS customizations two years ago.  Right away I noticed that I 
had this line in the file:

  '(ess-r-pager "emacsclient")

Removing that line solves the problem entirely.  Now help(), ?, and C-c 
C-v all work as expected as well as page(), edit(), and fix().

and now I have these options set automatically after I start an R session:

 > options()$pager
  [1] "cat"
  > options()$editor
  [1] "emacsclient"
  > options()$help.pager

Apparently these are as they should be.

Sorry for all the noise!


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