[ESS] problem with emacsclient

William McCoy wdmccoy @end|ng |rom geo@um@@@@edu
Tue Jun 2 20:13:00 CEST 2020

I have another problem with my ESS configuration (ESS version 
18.10.3snapshot).  My editor in R is set as 'emacsclient':

!> options("editor")
  [1] "emacsclient"

However, when I execute help() or use C-c C-v, I get a new buffer with 
the following message:

+ emacsclient: file name or argument required
Try 'emacsclient --help' for more information

I do have the doc files installed and help() works fine when running R 
in a plain terminal.

Can someone point out what seems to be wrong with my configuration?

Thanks in advance,

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