[ESS] [OT] Best Practices Emacs / ESS Mini-Webinars

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Mon Dec 28 15:08:41 CET 2020

A few weeks ago a few of riffed about all the "known unknown" in using ESS
and that teaching each other a few tricks would be cool.  We really should do
this. To kick it off, maybe we should spawn a quick one-off mailing list (I
have used groups.io before) or Slack instance (if someone wants to spawn one)
to discuss.

>From the top of my head I can think of possible topics such as

 - installing ESS (possibly special mention to the bundles by VG for Windows
   and macOS, or KH for social science, or ...) -- no difficulty installing 

 - basic editing, highlighting etc maybe up to easily running multiple
   buffers and renaming them

 - other relevant Emacs tricks ?

 - ESS and RMarkdown happily co-existing and examples / demos

 - package building with ESS (I tend to do it outside myself)

 - debugging with ESS
 - other Emacs voodoo like tramp use with ESS ?

 - object browsers

 - your most favourite trick here!

 - your second most favourite trick here too!

I have found that 'one topic' in a few slides and very few minutes works so
we could easily split this across different interest and skills and
environments used and whatever other factor.  Not everybody will know all
topics to gaps are normal -- let's fill them.


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