[ESS] ESS adds symbols at beginning of line

Bond, Stephen Stephen@Bond @end|ng |rom c|bc@com
Mon Dec 21 23:18:14 CET 2020

Hello ESS friends,

ESS started to put "> " after the initial "> " at the beginning of the line. Sometimes it works even though it looks strange, but sometimes it stops working and I have to copy from the source buffer and paste in my R buffer to execute lines, which is bad. Any ideas how to get rid of the unwanted symbols? Looks like this:
> > value.date <- as.Date('2020-11-30')

I send lines by C-c C-n from the source buffer.

My ESS buffer has:
[ess-site:] ess-lisp-directory = 'c:/emacs/emacs-26.3/site-lisp/ess-18.10.2/lisp'[ess-site.el]: ess-customize-alist=nil
[ess-site.el _2_]: ess-customize-alist=nil
Creating global Emacs toolbar[ess-site:] *very* end ...(ess-mode-1): ess-language=S, ess-dialect=R buf=scratch.R
(ess-mode-1.5): ;;very long output omitted
(R): ess-dialect=R, buf=scratch.R, start-arg=nil
(inf-ess 1): lang=S, dialect=R, tmp-dialect=R, buf=scratch.R
(inf-ess 1.1): procname=R temp-dialect=R, buf-name=*R*
(inf-ess 2.0) Method #3 start=c:/emacs/New buf=*R*
(inf-ess 2.1): ess-language=S, ess-dialect=R buf=*R*
(i-ess 1): buf=*R*, lang=S, comint..echo=t, comint..sender=inferior-ess-input-sender,
(i-ess end): buf=*R*, lang=S, comint..echo=t, comint..sender=inferior-ess-input-sender,
(inf-ess 3.0): prog=Rterm, start-args=--ess  , echoes=t
Making Process...Buf *R*, :Proc R, :Prog Rterm

Thanks everybody.

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