[ESS] flycheck with org-mode <<noweb>> references

Greg Minshall m|n@h@|| @end|ng |rom um|ch@edu
Mon Dec 14 19:14:45 CET 2020


i'm trying to use flycheck with lintr in an org-mode ess Org Src buffer
from an org-mode code block that includes <<noweb>> references.  the
code block, and, hence, the Org Src buffer, starts out

lintr seems unhappy.  flycheck-list-errors gives:
            1   1 error           unexpected input (r-lintr)

i don't know if i should ask lintr to ignore <<noweb>>, or wonder if ESS
(or, ...?) shouldn't feed lintr the expanded code?  or if i'm not
analyzing things correctly.  or, ... ?

a trivial search doesn't yield anything, so i throw myself on your
collective mercy.

cheers, Greg

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