[ESS] running R remotely via tramp

Chris Wallace cew54 @end|ng |rom med@ch|@c@m@@c@uk
Fri May 3 16:46:58 CEST 2019

Dear ESS-help,

I have just upgraded my ess via melpa, and my ability to run R remotely 
has stopped.

I had been doing so via the function (after earlier help from this list 

   (defun Rcpu ()
     "Run R on CSD3"
     (let ((inferior-ess-r-program "/home/me/bin/R.csd3")
       (ess-directory "/ssh:me using cpu:~/"))

R.csd3 is actually a bash script, that loads some modules required to 
run R on the remote host before starting a recent version of R.  It 
worked this morning, then I did an update of packages, restarted emacs, 
and it broke.

Now when I M-x Rcpu I get the error

Error (ess): /home/me/bin/R.csd3 could not be found on the system. Try 
running `R-newest' instead, which searches your system for R.

M-x R-newest starts /usr/bin/R on the remote system which is woefully 
out of date and won't let me install many current packages.

I have looked into R-newest and I wonder whether the change is this one 
- does

(executable-find inferior-ess-r-program)

know to look on the remote server?

Thanks for any advice,



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