[ESS] Problem with R help buffers

Henric Winell n||@@on@henr|c @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed Jan 23 14:20:56 CET 2019


There's something strange going on with the R help buffers.  I'm using 
the latest ess-20190122.2108 from melpa, but it's not particular to that 

I want each help buffer to appear in its own separate frame, and have

  '(ess-help-own-frame t)
  '(ess-help-reuse-window nil)

in my .emacs.  Now, pressing, say, '?lm' in an R buffer opens up the 
help page in a separate frame as it should.  However, using 'l' to 
execute the code in the 'Examples:' section results in the help frame 
being split up with the help buffer on top and the R buffer below. Then, 
pressing 'q' or 'k' should bury or remove the help frame, respectively, 
but it's still visible and has the help buffer on top replaced by the R 

Henric Winell

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