[ESS] ESS R code evaluation in package

Vitalie Spinu @pinuvit @ending from gm@il@com
Sun Nov 11 12:49:05 CET 2018

>> On Fri, Nov 09 2018 09:38, Cyrus Harmon via ESS-help wrote:

> I'm not sure if this is a polymode or an ESS problem 

It's on the ESS side. There are two things, package mode (devtools commands) is
activated in specified sub-directories only (see ess-r-package-dirs), but
name-space evaluation is activated only within ./R sub-directory.

I think this is the right behavior and your use case is non-standard. It's very
unlikely that from a Rmd file you would need to evaluate code in the namespace.

> but is there someway to specify the pkg in which ESS should be evaluating
> code?

Yes, with C-c C-t C-s you can either disable or activate namespaced evaluation
into any of the currently loaded packages.


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