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Works perfect :)
thank you all!

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> Dear all,
> apologies for asking a question that could have a trivial answer - I am just a "plain user" of ESS/Emacs/R.
> Version: ESS Emacs version 26.1-2-modified-3 (12 November 2018)
> (Goulet)
> OS: Windows 10
> Issue:
> Emacs start OK, the R script is loaded OK (syntax highlighting works...).
> After trying to run a code I get (at the bottom line):
> "R starting project directory? e:/my-working-directory/"
> ...where "my-working-directory" = the place where r-scripts are saved.
> When I hit Enter, the message appears:
> "Searching for a program: No such file or directory, Rterm"
> In previous Emacs version this did not happen.
> Indeed, if I write the correct Rterm.exe location / directory in the bottom line, R starts and works OK.
> I remember there has been a paragraph in the init.el file to indicate R location; cannot find it in the current version.
> Any hints please?

This is a known issue with the 18.10.X release.[1] As a workaround, M-x R-newest should work just fine.


[1]  > Thank you!


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