[ESS] Trouble evaluating in namespace

Kevin Wright kw@@t@t @ending from gm@il@com
Thu Dec 6 23:07:00 CET 2018

When I add a new function to an .R file in a package and then use
ctrl-enter, I get an errror like this:

R> Error in ss(file, echo = visibly, local = local, print.eval = output,  :
  c:/Temp/misc.R!rO7Rz0:2:0: unexpected end of input
1: test <- function(x) {

I've seen some discussion about this/similar issue here:
The thread says the issue is "fixed", though I'm not sure which issue is
fixed...the thread meanders a bit and I'm still struggling with this

Here are a couple of settings in my configuration that might be relevant:
 (ess-eval-visibly t)
 (ess-inject-source nil)

Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Wright

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