[ESS] cannot add bindings to a locked environment

Ross Boylan Ro@@@Boy|@n @end|ng |rom uc@|@edu
Wed Jul 27 00:58:06 CEST 2016

I've attached a further simplified project.  Assuming you untar, you'll recreate my steps if
1.  You are in the directory above the Foo directory just created.
I used this both for the shell and R.
2. mv Foo/R/Test.R .  # i.e., remove it from package
3. start R in ESS.
4. In the R inferior shell, install.packages("Foo", repos=NULL)
5. In the real shell, mv Test.R Foo/R/  # i.e., copy it back
6. In emacs open the Test.R.  When I visit it I noticed the message "using namespace Foo"
flashed by.  This is the expected behavior, I think.
7.  C-c C-l
8.  In ESS/R I then typed the following lines, with the indicated result:
 > sb <- StandBonf(alpha=0.1)  # StandBonf is in Foo namespace, not exported, but somehow visible
 > shortName(sb)
 Error in assign(".SigLength", nsig, envir = env) (from Test.R#5) :                                                 
   cannot add bindings to a locked environment


On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 03:54:40PM +0200, Vitalie Spinu wrote:
> >> On Mon, Jul 25 2016 18:42, Boylan, Ross wrote:
> > I've been able to recreate the problem in simpler form.
> Not simple enough I am afraid. I cannot understand what you are doing from your
> description. If you have already created a simple package on which you can
> replicate the problem, could you just attach it here and describe the steps to
> reproduce the problem?
> Thanks,
>   Vitalie

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