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Wed Jul 13 18:24:13 CEST 2016

Thanks Kasper. This helps a bit. I can actually get a pdf file, albeit 
with a cumbersome name with several bracketed words.  And the 
non-human-readable contents of the pdf file also appears in a window in 

I found it all very confusing. Forced to make many choices without 

I even wonder why one is asked to choose exporter first, and weaver 
second, when in workflow (and in my mind) one weaves first, and exports 

I'll either have to learn this, or somehow get back to a non-polymode 
version of Vince's emacs/ESS package.


Kasper Daniel Hansen wrote:
> Chris,
> I was stumped by this for a bit.
> In polymode terms: "exporting" is generating the final PDF.  "weaving"
> is generating the latex document which is later turned into the pdf.
> For you application you want "export"
> So do
>    M-n e
> then you get asked "Choose exporter:". This is where I was stumped.
> Where are my choices, and there is no default? Solution: press TAB and
> you'll see a list of options.  I choose Rmarkdown.  Then you get asked
> "Export To:", again press TAB to see choices and you want pdf
> This only has to be done once per document.  If you want to re-do your
> selection do
>    M-e E
> then you get asked the first of the two questions "Choose exporter". The
> second question you get asked when you try to run
>    M-n e
> again.
> (Comment: seems like it might be nice to have a quicker way to switch
> output format, I could see myself switching that)
> Result: a preview PDF inside of Emacs in my setup.
> Seems pretty easy, except for the part where I have to press TAB which
> is kind of obvious, but also was unexpected.
> Best,
> Kasper
> On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 11:39 AM, Christopher W. Ryan
> <cryan using binghamton.edu <mailto:cryan using binghamton.edu>> wrote:
>     Vitalie--
>     OK, here I sit at work with an Rnw file open in emacs. I need to
>     generate the corresponding pdf, with all the R code and subsequent
>     Latex code executed. What keys do I press to do that?
>     Thanks.
>     --Chris
>     Vitalie Spinu wrote:
>                 On Fri, Jul 01 2016 13:51, Christopher W Ryan wrote:
>             The documentation for how polymode works in ESS seems a bit
>             thin and
>             scattered.
>         That's partially because polymode is officially not part of ESS
>         (only part of
>         Vincent's distribution). Partially it's because there is not
>         much to it, 2 keys
>         to weave and export and 2 keys to select weaver and exporter.
>         Often, as with
>         Rmarkdown, you need to use only the export key. If you know how
>         to use Rmarkdown
>         then it should be immediately apparent what it does and what are
>         those questions
>         asked on M-n e. It's a thin layer over Rmarkdown. So please
>         don't ask me to
>         clarify that part.
>         I am fully aware that UI part is still incomplete and
>         configuration docs are
>         missing but UI was never a priority. polymode's intent is to be
>         a generic multi
>         mode engine and the weaver/exporter/evaluation thingy is one big
>         bonus.
>         That being said, I finally see the light at the end of the
>         tunnel because the
>         core part of polymode is approaching stable state. The
>         weaving/exporting part
>         will go into a separate specialized package. Once that's done I
>         will make a
>         screen cast and detailed instructions of how to configure all
>         stuff together.
>         Unfortunately integration with ESS is a tricky part. I am not
>         sure yet how to
>         properly integrate it and preserve backward compatibility of the
>         current UI.
>            Vitalie
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