[ESS] M-n s is undefined

Christopher W. Ryan cry@n @end|ng |rom b|ngh@mton@edu
Wed Jul 13 17:39:48 CEST 2016


OK, here I sit at work with an Rnw file open in emacs. I need to 
generate the corresponding pdf, with all the R code and subsequent Latex 
code executed. What keys do I press to do that?



Vitalie Spinu wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jul 01 2016 13:51, Christopher W Ryan wrote:
>> The documentation for how polymode works in ESS seems a bit thin and
>> scattered.
> That's partially because polymode is officially not part of ESS (only part of
> Vincent's distribution). Partially it's because there is not much to it, 2 keys
> to weave and export and 2 keys to select weaver and exporter. Often, as with
> Rmarkdown, you need to use only the export key. If you know how to use Rmarkdown
> then it should be immediately apparent what it does and what are those questions
> asked on M-n e. It's a thin layer over Rmarkdown. So please don't ask me to
> clarify that part.
> I am fully aware that UI part is still incomplete and configuration docs are
> missing but UI was never a priority. polymode's intent is to be a generic multi
> mode engine and the weaver/exporter/evaluation thingy is one big bonus.
> That being said, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel because the
> core part of polymode is approaching stable state. The weaving/exporting part
> will go into a separate specialized package. Once that's done I will make a
> screen cast and detailed instructions of how to configure all stuff together.
> Unfortunately integration with ESS is a tricky part. I am not sure yet how to
> properly integrate it and preserve backward compatibility of the current UI.
>   Vitalie

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