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I still think you should make some screen casts to show us how this
works for you.  I can't tell in this thread if people are not liking
polymode or they simply don't understand what is necessary to use it.
Others in the list may be like me, long time Emacs users who don't
have time to study up on new features we don't understand.

I'm willing to try anything, if you can help me understand why you do
it that way and how it works for you.

I've quit entirely trying to use Emacs to compile Rmd documents, I
just run commands in the shell. At least I understand how that works.
I know it seems primitive, but I'm not the only one.  We had a visit
from a couple of the well known R programmers two years ago and they
told me they had the same conclusion, it generally always works to run
"R CMD Sweave document.Rnw" in a shell.

If you just make a 10 minute video discussing how your Emacs is set up
and what it does, I'd be really grateful. I want to make this worth
your while.  I'll mail you some money and a shirt from my university
if you send me your address privately (pauljohn at ku.edu).


On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 7:30 AM, Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't understand what do you mean by "right" thing. Polymode has plenty of
> weavers and exporters. You are asked only once per file for what you
> want. That's a small price to pay for the flexibility and having one key for
> everything. Sweave workflow that you are used to is only one use pattern of
> many. There is a way to set the default weaver/exporter pragmatically but the
> mechanism will change in the near future so I am not promoting it at the moment.
> If you don't like woven/exported postfixes please customize
> polymode-weave-output-file-format and polymode-exporter-output-file-format.
> Also it looks like you are not using handy completion mechanisms. Consider using
> ido-ubiquitous, helm or ivy to enhance minibuffer completion. You should not
> need to type or guess "pdf" to select the option.
>  Vitalie
>>> On Tue, Jun 28 2016 17:06, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
>> Still struggling.
>> Do I have to alter my .emacs file, as described here:
>> https://github.com/vspinu/polymode/blob/master/readme.md
>> When I did that, I got some response from M-n w and from M-n e while working
>> with an .Rnw file.  Namely, I was asked for name of weaver from the former, and
>> name of exporter from the latter.  I had to guess. Then from the exporter, I was
>> asked export to what?  Again I guessed, typing PDF.  End result was several new
>> files, the usual .tex, .aux, and .log files, and a .pdf file but with [woven]
>> and/or [woven][exported] in the file name.  All very cumbersome.
>> How do I arrange things so that emacs/ess will automatically "do the right
>> thing" with .Rnw files, as it did before?
>> Barring that, is an older, pre-polymode version of Vince's emacs/ess still
>> available for download?
>> Thanks.
>> --Chris Ryan
>> Vitalie Spinu wrote:
>>> There are 4 primary keys in polymode
>>>    https://github.com/vspinu/polymode#basic-usage>
>>> as it doesn't struggle to assign a key to every export/weave format.
>>>   Vitalie
>>>>> On Sun, Jun 26 2016 23:04, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
>>>> Thanks.  I'll admit I'm having some trouble finding straightforward
>>>> documentation on how to simply use polymode/ESS.  Best I've found so far
>>>> is this:
>>>> https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/ess-help/2014-May/009926.html>
>>>> from which I infer that M-n e might take an .Rnw file all the way
>>>> through to a .pdf file . . . does that sound right?  I won't be back at
>>>> my new computer for a while to try it out.
>>>> --Chris
>>>> Vincent Goulet wrote:
>>>>> Chris,
>>>>> Polymode is active by default in my distribution and its key binding for sweaving are different. Look up its documentation.
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> v.
>>>>>> Le 26 juin 2016 à 16:43, Christopher W. Ryan <cryan at binghamton.edu> a écrit :
>>>>>> Hello. I just set up a new computer, running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I
>>>>>> installed R 3.3.1, then MikTeX 2.9, then Vince Goulet's version of emacs
>>>>>> 24.5.1 with ESS. Those are all on drive C:\, a 250 Gb solid state drive.  My
>>>>>> data files and documents are on drive E:\, a terabyte hard drive.
>>>>>> In emacs, when I have an .Rnw buffer open, M-n s  is met with the error message in the subject line.
>>>>>> Sweave.sty is in C:\LOCALTEXMF\Tex\latex\Sweave
>>>>>> which I listed as a root in MikTeX Admin.  And I refreshed the FNDB, both as a user and as Admin.
>>>>>> How can I get M-n s  (and I assume I'll have a problem with M-P as well) recognized as command to sweave my file?
>>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>>> --Chris
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