[ESS] ESS support for generating Rd from Roxygen

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Wed Feb 3 23:11:13 CET 2016

Roxygen functions are on C-c C-o. You can always C-c C-o C-h and see what's
there. Currently

`ess-roxy-mode' Minor Mode Bindings Starting With C-c C-o:
C-c C-o C-c	ess-roxy-toggle-roxy-region
C-c C-o C-o	ess-roxy-update-entry
C-c C-o C-r	ess-roxy-preview-Rd
C-c C-o C-t	ess-roxy-preview-text
C-c C-o C-w	ess-roxy-preview-HTML
C-c C-o n 	ess-roxy-next-entry
C-c C-o p 	ess-roxy-previous-entry

All those with -preview- in them do what you asked for.

Next version of ESS will have support for devtools. You will be able to generate
the entire package doc with one key.


>> On Wed, Feb 03 2016 20:17, M.van_Iterson using lumc.nl wrote:

> Dear All,

> For package development, is it possible to generate package documentation, in
> Rd-format for the man-directory, from roxygen function documentation using a
> certain key combination, either on a function-level,  R-file or on all files in
> the R-directory.

> I thought something similar to M-n r (to generate the tex-file from Rnw-file) should exist for roxygen but I cannot find it?

> Now I use, within R the function roxygenise("package-name") from the roxygen2 package for generation of the Rd-files and NAMESPACE.

> Or is there an easy way to bind this roxygenise-step to a key combination to run from emacs?

> Regards,
> Maarten

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