[ESS] How to assign function key

Martin Maechler m@ech|er @end|ng |rom @t@t@m@th@ethz@ch
Wed Feb 3 11:30:08 CET 2016

>>>>> Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit using gmail.com>
>>>>>     on Wed, 3 Feb 2016 10:21:03 +0100 writes:

    >> (global-set-key [f7] 'comint-kill-output) or (define-key
    >> ess-mode-map [f7] 'ess-comint-kill-output)

    >> They would understand why I get a message that F7 is null
    >> or undefined.

    > Works for me. Is it F7 or f7 that caused your problem?

also forks for me; even when running emacs as  'emacs -nw'.
So something must be strange in your emacs setup.

Maybe you do this in the *scratch* buffer  (using  C-x C-e )
and send that plus possibly the relevant message(s) from the *Messages*

    >> I'm too lazy to type C-c C-o every time and would
    >> appreciate help with the correct syntax.

    > I never do C-c C-o. 

It's all a matter of taste and habit.
I do use it regularly, similar to Patrick, but w/o key shortcut

    > Why do you need that for? Just let the
    > output accumulate. You can clear the buffer with C-c M-o
    > from time to time if your feel like.

    >   Vitalie

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