[ESS] In Stata mode, where do graphs display?

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 17:41:36 CET 2016

Has anybody prepared a basic Stata HOWTO for ESS?  I need it.

I use Stata one time every 5 years.  I don't remember having this
problem in Linux before. Of course, that was 2010. My recollection was
that I launched a full GUI xstata as the inferior session and it was
receiving my instructions from ESS.  But maybe I imagine that.

I am able to M-x stata and see stata in a buffer.  It looks like *R*.
I can submit commands into it, read the output. The text mode parts
seem fine so far.

I have 2 problems that need help.

1. No graphs display on screen. I run the commands, they seem to run
(take time), just no graphs pop up in separate windows. What's up with
that? Is my X broken?

2. I was reading some old messages in this list and see that there is
a known problem
of line-continuations.  Even between Stata's own file editor and
terminal it is horrible.

Stata code file uses continuation symbols "///" that are not
understood in their terminal. I gather that Stata GUI deals with this
stupidity by writing a text files on disk when it wants to communicate
between the do file editor and the interactive session.  This seems
very odd to me.

It looks like ESS could fix this by allowing region-submits to replace
///<return> with a space, so a multi line thing would go over to the
terminal as a single line. Doesn't that look like the correct fix?


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