[ESS] Terminating ESS/R session question

Atul Shrivastava as_1000 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 8 19:43:54 CET 2016

Hello - I recently started using ESS in emacs (using Prof. Goulet’s version in Windows. Thank You!). After customization, the tool works great but there’s one simple piece of functionality that I’m unable to get working.

I prefer to have emacs prompt me to (y/n/c) to save my R workspace when I quit ESS/R buffer (typically thru C-c C-q), but right now it quits without saving the workspace, while saving .Rhistory in the working directory. I can force save by setting inferior-R-args in init.el file, but I want the default behavior to be where the system prompts me.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Atul Shrivastava

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