[ESS] ESS documentation needs update

Martin Maechler m@ech|er @end|ng |rom @t@t@m@th@ethz@ch
Fri Dec 23 10:12:07 CET 2016

>>>>> Pooya Taherkhani <pt376511 using ohio.edu>
>>>>>     on Sat, 17 Dec 2016 15:22:13 -0500 writes:

    > Hi there,
    > It seems like the ESS documentation is not up-to-date in some parts. In the
    > documentation, section 7.4.1, changing indentation styles, the shortkey, 
    > C-c . is introduced for the command ess-set-syle.
    > But we know this shortkey has been changed to C-c C-c C-s.

actually C-c C-e C-s ... but yes, you are right, Pooya.

I have now fixed the documentation there, 
thank you very much!

    > Moreover, in the same section the user option ess-style-alist 
    > is introduced, but I cannot find this variable at all as
    > if it has been obsolete and does not exist any more--I am not sure.

Hmm.. strange you can't find it.  It is still the "data base" of
all the ESS (indentation/alignment..) styles.

If you have loaded ESS,
   C-h v  ess-style-alist

not only shows you its content, but even contains quite a bit
more documentation about the meaning of the different styles'
parts (i.e. variables).

    > Thank you for the great ESS!

you're welcome ...
and Merry Christmas to you and all ESS users!

Martin Maechler
ETH Zurich

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