[ESS] (test) Eval function..

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Mon Dec 19 09:31:16 CET 2016

It looks like you're working in a directory recognised as a package
named 'test', and that test package is not installed. Use C-c C-t C-s
to disable namespaced evaluation, or install the package with C-c C-w C-i.


> On 18 déc. 2016, at 21:50, Christian <christian using echoffmann.ch> wrote:
> Recently ESS looks like having chade its behaviour:
> Working in R, when doing C-c C-f to evaluate a function now gives:
> Error in library(package, character.only = TRUE) :
>  there is no package called 'test'
> and the minibuffer says (test) Eval function.
> Formely there was no error and the function was evaluated.
> How can I get teh original C-c C-f back?
> Thanks in advance
> Christian
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