[ESS] Interaction with Sweave, knitr, pandoc, polymode et al.

Vitalie Spinu @p|nuv|t @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Apr 5 00:08:12 CEST 2016

>> On Sun, Apr 03 2016 23:50, Vincent Goulet wrote:

> However, when .Rnw files are associated with poly-noweb+r-mode (from polymode)
> as is the case in my distribution, the whole ESS and AUCTeX integration seems
> to be disabled. I think this is unfortunate. 

Auctex exporter is not yet part of polymode exporters. It's trivial to add but
it wasn't high priority because of the already in-place pdflatex and latexmk
exporters that should fit most (all?) needs.

> Enough to strongly consider removing the default association in my
> distribution. 

Too late;) Polymode is very likely to be the default from next ESS release.

> If one wants to use the whole polymode approach for what I'd consider "pure"
> Sweave files, one would need to opt-in via ~/.emacs.

Why exactly is that?

> However, rmarkdown::render() does look at this variable and relies on pandoc
> being on the shell's path.

> If I don't want to install anything outside of the Emacs distribution tree
> both on Windows and on OS X, do I have any way to configure rmardown or
> polymode to use a version of pandoc that would be bundled with Emacs?

That's more of a question for rmarkdown developers. If possible you can side
step it by putting pandoc that comes with your emacs distribution in the shell
path. But I don't think you should bother with that at all. It might be better
if users of Rmarkdown or polymode would install pandoc separately.

As for polymode and rmarkdown/pandoc integration, it is already there by default
(since a month or so). "M-n e/E" inside .Rmd files should be providing the
option to set the exproter to Rmarkdown, Rmarkdown-ESS or pandoc.

A bunch of polymode UI improvements are in working. Most notably there will be a
separate option for how to display some files (i.e. you might want to display
PDF and HTML files outside emacs). With this addition and Auctex integration I
don't see what else polymode weaving/exporting would lack as compared to current
non-generic ess-noweb framework.


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