[ESS] Interactive SAS mode hangs

Erin Jonaitis jon@|t|@ @end|ng |rom |@tr|-w|@org
Wed Sep 30 19:32:34 CEST 2015

Hi again,

Replies below...

> > This code hangs when I submit it interactively in ESS[SAS]:
> > 
> > | proc contents data=temp;
> > | run;
> > 
> > This code does not hang:
> > 
> > | proc contents data=temp;run;
> > 
> > Does any explanation come to mind? A tempting analogy is when I've run into trouble running shell scripts on
> > a *nix system after writing them in Windows, because of different line break symbols -- so I'll head that
> > off by saying I'm writing the code and trying to run it both in Emacs on the same Red Hat 7 system (i.e., I'm not
> > merely editing a file in Emacs that I opened and saved elsewhere). But maybe there is some analogous
> > setting somewhere that is screwing stuff up?
> Don't worry about line breaks.  Neither SAS nor emacs care whether you use
> UNIX or DOS line breaks in .sas files. 
> But getting back to the issue at hand, I can't reproduce your problem.
> Are you sending the line over with C-Return?  F1-k C-Return gives me...
> <C-return> runs the command ess-eval-region-or-line-and-step, which is
> an interactive compiled Lisp function in `ess-inf.el'.

I'm submitting with 'Eval paragraph & step', C-c C-p. I place my cursor at the start of the paragraph and hit C-c C-p, and it hangs; it also hangs if I highlight the paragraph first. I've also tried with <C-Return> as you suggest, as well as menu commands "Eval region | func | para" (C-M-x) and "Eval region | func | para & step" (C-c C-c). Hangs every time. The one exception is that if I don't highlight the region, <C-Return> will successfully run one line and then allow me to run another, instead of hanging. So I guess that's information. Basically it seems incapable of reading more than one line at a time, for whatever reason.

> > Some colleagues have informed me that ESS[SAS] also does not seem to run code correctly in batch mode. I
> > don't know whether this problem is related or not, but it seemed worth a mention.
> Nope, that doesn't suggest anything at all except maybe your SAS
> installation is bogus.  ESS[SAS] batch and iESS[SAS] are two totally
> different animals.

Well, it's not bogus in the sense that it exists and can run code submitted on the command line! In fact, it can run the same code that's hanging in ESS. Certainly installing SAS can be touchy, but I think we've fixed all the bugs on that end.


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