[ESS] Interactive SAS mode hangs

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Fri Sep 25 23:04:28 CEST 2015

Ahhh. /usr/sbin/getenforce returned "Enforcing". Is this likely to affect how ESS works?

Thanks for your continued help -- this is a mystery to me (but as you can probably tell, I am no unix sysadmin myself).

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> Hi Rodney,
> If I type 'getenforce' at the command line, it returns 'command not found...'
> So I'm guessing we're not running SELinux, although I'm not an admin and am not sure.
I don't think that proves it.  For me, it is in /usr/sbin so try

> Here's what it says when I run the command you suggested at the command line:
> + stdout=/dev/stdout
> + stderr=/dev/stderr
> + shift 2
> + set +x
> sas </dev/tty 1>/dev/stdout 2>/dev/stderr -stdio -noovp
> And here's the comparable log when I look in the *SAS* window of ESS while in M-x SAS mode:
> + stdout=/dev/pts/9
> + stderr=/dev/pts/10
> + shift 2
> + set +x
> sas </dev/tty 1>/dev/pts/9 2>/dev/pts/10 -stdio -linesize 80 -noovp -nosyntaxcheck
> I see some differences there, obviously, but I'm not clear enough on either the options or the structure of
> my machine to know whether those differences are bad... any thoughts?

That looks right.

> I also started M-x SAS mode (it does not hang at this step) and attempted to run a data step (this is where it
> hangs). Indeed, it hung again, and C-c C-c does not recover it. C-g does, and the only thing that appears in
> *SAS* is:
> data want;
> Nothing informative appears in either *SAS.log* or *SAS.lst*, either. The former stops in the same place
> (data want;) and the latter shows the following:
> sh-4.2$ tty
> /dev/pts/9
> sh-4.2$ 

Other than it not working, everything looks right to me.  Sorry

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