[ESS] Interactive SAS mode hangs

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Fri Sep 25 22:27:55 CEST 2015

Hi Rodney,

If I type 'getenforce' at the command line, it returns 'command not found...'
So I'm guessing we're not running SELinux, although I'm not an admin and am not sure.

Here's what it says when I run the command you suggested at the command line:
+ stdout=/dev/stdout
+ stderr=/dev/stderr
+ shift 2
+ set +x
sas </dev/tty 1>/dev/stdout 2>/dev/stderr -stdio -noovp

And here's the comparable log when I look in the *SAS* window of ESS while in M-x SAS mode:
+ stdout=/dev/pts/9
+ stderr=/dev/pts/10
+ shift 2
+ set +x
sas </dev/tty 1>/dev/pts/9 2>/dev/pts/10 -stdio -linesize 80 -noovp -nosyntaxcheck

I see some differences there, obviously, but I'm not clear enough on either the options or the structure of my machine to know whether those differences are bad... any thoughts?

I also started M-x SAS mode (it does not hang at this step) and attempted to run a data step (this is where it hangs). Indeed, it hung again, and C-c C-c does not recover it. C-g does, and the only thing that appears in *SAS* is:

data want;

Nothing informative appears in either *SAS.log* or *SAS.lst*, either. The former stops in the same place (data want;) and the latter shows the following:

sh-4.2$ tty


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> Ah, okay. That did start SAS and displayed the news screen; what specifically should I be looking for?
> Erin

See if ESS is issuing the same command more or less.  Do M-x SAS
and then if it hangs C-c C-c to see what's in the *SAS* buffer.

Are you running SE Linux?  To find out you can run...
% getenforce
which returns "Disabled" for me.

Check our web page for a few other tips...

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