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Wed Oct 21 13:16:19 CEST 2015

Den 2015-10-20 kl. 19:02, skrev Vitalie Spinu:

> R company backends ask the process for completions. If you haven't
> evaluated summm you won't have it.

I see.  I switched from auto-complete, which works out of the box here
(and so does RStudio), so I was a bit surprised.

> You can always add company-dabbrev in front of local company-backends
> list to fix this.

Thanks!  I tried the following

(defun company-ess-setup ()
   (setq-local company-backends
               (append '(company-dabbrev) company-backends)))
(add-hook 'ess-mode-hook 'company-ess-setup)

Is this what you had in mind?  I mean, it sort of works, but the popup 
is lost and summm isn't among the suggestions, so I probably did this 
the wrong way.


> Vitalie
>>> On Tue, Oct 20 2015 16:12, Henric Winell wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying out the new ESS completion mechanism using company-mode.
>> Many thanks for adding this!  But I'm missing one feature: if I
>> type in, e.g.,
>> summm <- 5 sum
>> and then press [TAB] in a buffer where R-mode is enabled, 'summm'
>> isn't listed among the suggestions.  It can, however, be done by
>> calling company-dabbrev by pressing M-/, but that's one key-press
>> to many... ;)
>> How can I add the suggestions from company-dabbrev to the
>> suggestions from the ESS backend?
>> Henric Winell
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