[ESS] distinguish busy from non-busy waiting

Andreas Leha @ndre@@@|eh@ @end|ng |rom med@un|-goett|ngen@de
Mon Nov 30 12:38:04 CET 2015

Hi Vitalie,

Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit using gmail.com> writes:
>>> On Thu, Nov 26 2015 14:30, Andreas Leha wrote:
>> So, you are basically suggesting that emacs should look at top for me, right?
>> That would be possible, I guess.  But still, that might give wrong answers if
>> R has to wait for I/O a lot, for instance.
> Maybe this is a feature request for R folks. If R is waiting for promt, it
> should output a different prompt symbol from when the engine is actually
> running.

I am not sure, I understand.  In the 'naked' R console, incomplete input
seems to produce a '+' prompt, while complete input seems to produce an
empty prompt.

As in

| > Sys.sleep(10
| +


| > Sys.sleep(10)

So, there seems to be a distinction.  As in my original example, the
number of '+'es differs.  Can't ess count them for me?


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