[ESS] colour Errors

Andreas Leha @ndre@@@|eh@ @end|ng |rom med@un|-goett|ngen@de
Mon Nov 16 12:29:18 CET 2015

Hi Vitalie,

Vitalie Spinu <spinuvit using gmail.com> writes:
>> I have now chosen a more prominent colour for my error face and will
>> bother more often to put an a lonely " to get ess out of its confusion.
> You probably should investigate how you are getting a lonely " in the first
> place.
> ESS is using font-lock-warning-face for all those keywords declared in
> ess-R-message-prefixes. Unfortunately those are english only. People would need
> to enhance those to get a proper highlighting for other languages.
> ESS also has regexp based error tracking which are highlighted by compilation
> minor mode with links. See ess-R-error-regexp-alist if you want to enhance that.

Thanks for that comprehensive answer!

I have not investigated the issue with ess getting confused about the
quotes, as this occurs when running R inside screen remotely inside term
with ess-remote as the glue to the R buffers.  And as I perceive it,
this is not the recommended/supported way of doing things.

I have not tested whether this happens when using a connection through
tramp yet, as this is not practical for me.


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