[ESS] Difficulty pointing to .css file for markdown html rendering

Brian Hobbs rebdh at channing.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 17 17:26:47 CET 2015

Hello all,

I am currently using ESS with polymode to edit .Rmd files, which I render
into .html files using knitr and the knit2html('file.Rmd') command in R.

I am having difficulty pointing to a custom.css file using the YAML header
in my .Rmd file. This is my current .Rmd YAML header:

title: "title"
author: author
    css: custom.css

When I use this header, the default .css file (and thus default html
rendering options) are still used.

As most of the online help with custom.css files are centered on assumption
that rstudio is being used, I wanted to see if anyone here has had success
with using custom.css files for html rendering through knitr while using


	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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