[ESS] Interactive SAS mode hangs

Slaughter, Mary Ellen mslaught at rand.org
Mon Nov 9 18:37:15 CET 2015

Does anyone know if the problem mentioned in a post on Sept 30, 2015 with the above subject line has been fixed?
It’s about how ess-eval-paragraph-and-skip (C-c C-p) doesn’t work for SAS. (It works for Stata, probably for R but I haven’t tried this). I recently updated ESS from 5.3.11 to 15.03.1 and this is now a problem. Submitting each line of code one at a time is not practical. Neither does rewriting my code from SAS to Stata. Does anyone have any advice/knowledge of 1) whether this has been fixed, 2) if no to 1, when this will be fixed 2) any work arounds until this is fixed?


Mary E. Slaughter


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